Sifu Panagiotis Brebos

Sifu Panagiotis Brebos was born in Athens .

He started to study martial arts at the age of 15.He studied several martial arts until he was introduced to Wing Chun in which he has the rank of 10 th level given by grand master William Cheung.Student of Master Dana Wong which was student of Grand Master William Chung and instructor of World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association at 1988-2002. Later student of Grand Master Kwok Fu second student Great Grand Master Yip Man in Fosan. In 1992 he founded the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Pagrati , Athens and in 2012 founded a second school in Ano Liosia,where he teaches to this day,. Panagiotis Brebos often organizes and participates in seminars as an instructor, aiding in this way Wing Chun to spread in Greece . 

Grandmaster W.Cheung