Self Protect Program

1ο 90% of the attacks may be avoided 

2οWhat is the Self Protect Program?

Although the efforts for fighting crime continue worldwide, it is generally accepted that total lack of violence and crime is impossible. This fact presents to the average person the following questions:
What can I do to protect myself in the street? What can I do to protect myself in my house? What can I do to protect my family? The Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy presents as an answer to these questions the Self Protect Program. It is a program of personal protection that adopts a varied strategy to fight violence and crime.
By learning this program you may never have to use force to protect yourselves or your family from acts of violence. I state this with great confidence because a great deal of these acts has been committed because someone gave them the chance. All you have to do is not to give your assailant this chance.
The Self Protect Program is based on the consideration that to avoid the danger and a serious injury (which is a possible outcome of a fight) is the best strategy. The Self Protect Program is also based on Wing Chun which has been developed by a woman.

Although the Self Protect Program is based on Wing Chun, this doesn't mean that you have to fight to protect yourself. The Self Protect Program rather teaches you how to avoid the danger and lower the chances to get hurt, to be aware of the surrounding area and the other people around you. 

Concurrently, you'll learn how to avoid to become a victim and if the worst happens, how to react.                                                 


Self Defense and Women

Should women use a method of self defense? To answer this question we must first define the phrase “self defense”. Self defense is any method of strategically resistance that renders a possible victim capable of avoiding any danger.
There are three categories of resistance: verbal, passive and physical.
One must learn to recognize the special characteristics of an assailant, thus rendering himself capable of choosing the appropriate way of resisting.
Prevention and readiness
There are many kinds of threats that a woman may be exposed to. They range from verbal harassment to raping. Don't forget that many attackers not only rape their victims but they also injure them or even kill them.
Protection from all possible forms of attack begins with prevention, by knowing all the actions that carry danger. Especially every woman must know how to react or how to prevent a dangerous situation in the following occasions:
• On the road
• When returning home late at night on foot
• When running or walking
• At work-room
• In an elevator
• When someone tries to steal your bag/purse
• In the car
• In the house
• When you receive immoral phone-calls/messages
• When you are away from home
What can you do to minimize the risk of attack?
Answer: Self Protect Program.
If you don't want to be an easy target start the Self Protect Program.
Learn the ways to avoid being the victim and if the worst happens know how to react.
In only a few lessons you'll learn quickly and easy to deal with a potential threat, you'll have more self confidence and better physical condition.
90% of the attacks may be avoided.

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