Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy was founded by sifu Panagiotis Brebos in 1992 in Pagrati, Athens . First it was headquartered in Pyrou Street . Since 2000 it moved to 1 Zenodotou Street . Also in 2012 and created the second school in Ano Liosia,Filis 160. The Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy has separate classes for kids and adults. It also often organizes seminars. Participation in the seminars is open to anyone, whether or not he is a student of the academy. Finally a fast program for self defense is available to any who wishes to be capable of protecting himself in a short amount of time. The courses of this program named “Personal protection” take place late in the morning . For the regular classes the academy in Pagrati and Ano Liosia is open from 17:00 until 22:30 .For more information you can contact the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy on 210 7217240 or in our mobile phone 6972858859 or you can visit us in our address: Ymittou 99 &Akronos 1 (Pagrati square) or Filis 160, Ano Liosia.