Characteristics of Wing Chun Kung Fu


Wing chun kung fu  


·  Developed by a woman.

·  Suited for people who don't want to use brute force;

·  Uses straight punches (can achieve up to 8 punches per second);
    teaches you to use two arms at the same time;

·  Develops contact reflexes by Chi Sao exercise;

·  Teaches watching the leading elbow and knee;

·  Simple and easy to learn;

·  Uses pressure points to make striking techniques more effective.

·  Don't present a steady target for your opponent

·  Be calm, have confidence in yourself, let your reflexes guide you

·  Use elbows in close quarters, use palm or fist in the next distance,    use kicks with front foot for further distance, use the rear foot in  furthest distance. 


William Cheung Seminar 2